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The airline allows dogs and cats in cabins.


The airline allows dogs and cats in cabins.


There is nothing better than getting away from it all, but that doesn’t mean we want to get away from it all. Anyone who has a pet wants nothing more than to have them by their side during their time out.

Taking pets with you while traveling is now getting easier as a major commercial airline has announced plans to bring their pets on board. Virgin Airlines is trying to do this and could start launching next year.

If Virgin Airlines pulls this off, it will be the first airline in Australia to allow pets in the cabin of an aircraft during a flight.The airline announced this in a press release entitled “Cats out of the bag”.


aims to be the first airline in the country to operate flights with pets on board. They thought it was a good idea after seeing a 2021 survey. In this survey, 85% voted to allow pets in the cabin.
57% also said they would travel more often if it were possible to take pets with them.They would join many other major North American airlines that already offer this service on domestic flights.

Jayne Hrdlicka, CEO, said: “Our love of animals has always been embedded in Virgin Australia’s DNA and we are excited at the prospect of taking to the skies with Australia’s first pets.

“The vast majority of our guests tell us that they want to travel with their pets, and now we are on the way to making this happen.” “This happens frequently abroad and has proven successful.”

Likewise, he explained , that taking pets in the cabins will not change the fact that service animals can travel free of charge.Small dogs and cats are welcome as long as they fit in the space under the seat in front of the passenger.


There is also an approved carrier that would be used so that they cannot move freely during the flight. Those who qualify would be charged a fee, but the cost has not yet been disclosed.

After its release, many had doubts about the service. These include: If someone has an allergy, would they know if a dog or cat was sitting next to them?Virgin Atlantic responded: “It is really important to us that the impact is as minimal as possible for guests who do not bring a pet. For this reason, we will use the coming months to develop a safe offer with strict rules.” Are you sure; This will all be solved!

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