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Crab and Shrimp Seafood Bisque Recipe


Crab and Shrimp Seafood Bisque Recipe



The first time I  cooked shrimp and crab soup, I was amazed. Since I had never worked with seafood before, I wasn’t sure whether I was completing the tasks correctly or not. But everything worked fine! The shrimp added some sweetness to the crackers while the crab added a salty touch  to the dish.The cookies were creamy and full of flavor.

I must have made shrimp and crab soup fifty or sixty times since then. Everyone in my family and friends loves it. Many of them even said it was better than the restaurant’s cookies.

This shrimp and crab soup recipe is exactly what you need to satisfy your desire for a hearty and flavorful seafood chowder whenever  the craving hits.The preparation is easy  and the total time  from start to finish is only about 35 minutes. It’s also a great way to  use up leftover shrimp or crab meat from a previous meal. Try this soup today – your loved ones will  love it!


A bowl of sumptuous crab and shrimp soup will transport you to a tropical paradise and make you feel like you’re on vacation. The most exciting part?Preparing it in your kitchen is a simple process. Simply follow the instructions below to make this delicious seafood chowder at home tonight.

 *Ingredients list:

°4 tablespoons softened butter.

°A quarter cup of chopped celery. °Medium Chopped Spring Onion.°1½ cups heavy whipping cream.

°2 cups whole milk.


°3 tablespoons  flour

°1 tablespoon  tomato paste

°cooked shrimp cut into pieces; I used an 8 ounce drink. ° crab meat; I used an 8 ounce drink. °1 teaspoon  Old Bay seasoning.°Salt and pepper for seasoning.

* Methods:

 Step 1


On the stove, gently cook the butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Then add the chives and celery to the pan and cook  over medium heat until softened. After adding the flour, continue stirring the mixture for another minute.

 Step 2

Heat the milk in the microwave for a few seconds before pouring it into the pot.Mix well until all lumps disappear.

 Step 3

Mix the heavy  cream, tomato paste, Old Bay seasoning, and salt and pepper  in a  bowl with a whisk.


 Step 4

Bring the mixture to a boil and continue cooking until the cookies reach the desired consistency. Add the crab meat and shrimp  then continue cooking until  hot. Serve sprinkled with freshly chopped parsley.Enjoy

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