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At my mother-in-law’s house, there are greasy dishes etc. I found it where it is. What?? There’s a fork there to measure.


At my mother-in-law’s house, there are greasy dishes etc. I found it where it is. What?? There’s a fork there to measure.


is a glass dog bone. He grew up in the early 19th century; but his short lifespan made it impossible to continue living. Thanks to the
Metal back support, your beautiful lace table will not get dirty.
I’m glad everyone’s thoughts were clear!
Dumbbell. Nobody likes a weak child.
is a metal support. This is not just any cutting iron, but an iron that can be found wherever the table support is placed after use. This is not a grease gun. A layer of oil remains on the surface of the plate.
My grandmother had two. I don’t know what happened to him, but he had a lot of equipment that showed he was having fun often. I have a row of 12 salt shakers and small crystal spoons to filter the salt from the shaker over the food. We used these for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
None of my kids know how to “play” good food these days.
Sad traditions. If it can’t go in the dishwasher, they don’t keep it at home.
No conversation, no experience, except eating out of a paper bag.
Leaving your knife after cutting your meat to avoid spoiling your table.
The rest of the blade. Chopstick rest type Cleans dirty chopstick rest tablecloths.
Hahaha I have a mother, I never knew what she was. Now it is! Thanks
Wow!! Thank you for your understanding!! It’s great to have this group!! The iron base is really nice!!
Be like this. If you only have one, let the iron rest. \ I’ve never seen them before, they are so beautiful!
Wow! I thought I knew the different types of deliveries, but I didn’t. Thanks for sharing!
We used it, we have it too, my mother and grandmother. Maybe a wheel of salt?
I have a list of these.
Metal is a facility.
A knife rest is a small, often decorative object used to prevent a knife from resting on a table or counter when not in use. They are available in different styles and materials, from simple designs to elegant versions made of silver, porcelain or other materials. They can add appeal to the dining table and also serve a practical purpose.

Absolutely! Resting a knife has been a part of food culture for centuries. 17th century France. At that time, it was usually made of metal or porcelain and was often decorated with designs reflecting the abundance of the period.

Metal supports have a practical purpose as well as their decorative functions. Placing cutlery on the table not only damages the table, but also carries food particles and germs. The iron support elevates the iron, prevents it from touching the table and keeps it clean during meals.


Over time, the design and materials of the iron coffee table changed and different tastes and aesthetics came together. While traditional designs remain popular, contemporary versions with few stylists or many innovations have also emerged and attracted the attention of modern trends.

During an informal dinner, such as a fine restaurant or a gastronomic event, the use of metal coasters adds a strong style to the table setting. It is often part of a tableware combination, complementing the overall aesthetic and enhancing the dining experience.

In addition to being practical and figurative, metal supports are also historically and culturally important. They evoke emotions and traditions and remind us of a bygone era when elaborate table settings were an important part of good food.

Whether used for casual dining or special occasions, the simple countertop continues to play a small but important role in fine dining and table settings that embody the combination of function, beauty and tradition.

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