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Young family left homeless due to eviction notices


Young family left homeless due to eviction notices


Amy and Joshua, a 20-year-old virgin, face a difficult situation. With three children and one on the way, they were given only seven days’ notice to vacate their rental home. This left them with almost no shelter.

Their financial problems stem from their dependence on government support, making it difficult for them to continue paying their rent. As their deportation date approaches, Amy and Joshua try to figure out where to go.

Amy and Joshua


A couple turns to their relatives for help with housing, but unfortunately none of them can help. One family member who is willing to help is an uncle who lives far away from where they are in Somerset.

The housing association threatened to separate them from their families if they did not accept the offer, which was not accepted by everyone. Amy and Joshua feel scared and overwhelmed by the lack of options available.

Barnsley Council
Joshua and his late partner Victoria Robertshaw lived in the same house for a long time. However, only Victoria’s name appears on the lease. Tragically, Victoria passed away from COVID-19 in August 2020 at the age of 45.

Barnsley Council, tasked with providing permanent leadership, made decisions that left Joshua and his family in a difficult situation. Joshua is adamant that he does not want to tear his family apart because of the council’s actions.

A property possession order issued by a judge ordering residents to vacate the premises within seven days. This increased Amy and Joshua’s sense of urgency and desperation.


A White House spokesman explained that the decision to issue the certificate of occupancy was not made properly. Rental debts had arisen due to non-payment for a long time. Although attempts have been made to solve the problem without resorting to legal means, it has not been resolved yet.

Barnsley Council is working closely with all parties involved to find a home for Amy, Joshua and their children as quickly as possible. This will enable the council to welcome a new family to Barnsley’s list.

Barnsley councilor Jenny Platts, who is handling the case, said the housing department had provided advice and support to the couple with alternative accommodation. They are also probably doing their best to expedite the search for suitable accommodation in local hotels.

Despite the challenges they face, Amy and Joshua continue to believe that a solution can be found without becoming homeless.


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