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Veteran actress Kathy Bates has been diagnosed with a serious chronic illness.


Veteran actress Kathy Bates has been diagnosed with a serious chronic illness.


Actress Kathy Bates has been a fixture in television and film for decades. She’s known for playing fierce characters, and she’s just as intimidating in real life.

The actress was diagnosed with a chronic illness that forced her to make very drastic changes…

In 1970, Kathy Bates traveled to New York to try her hand at acting. She remembers the time when she was never a genius but managed to make it work. “I was never naive,” she says.“I’ve always been a character actor. This was a real problem when I was younger because I was never pretty enough. “It was difficult, not only because of the lack of work, but because you have to deal with how people look at you,” Bates said.

Her Broadway career began in 1980 when she played Stella May in Come Back To The Five And Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean. The actress missed the film adaptations of the characters she played several times.But when she turned 42, she had an almost overnight success thanks to her role as a psychotic fan in Misery, which even earned her an Oscar for Best Actress.


Talking about the type of roles she got, she said: “Either you’re young and glamorous and get the lead, or it’s the opposite: you’re not attractive enough.” “So you play the girlfriend who Murderer, the lesbian, the doctor or whatever,” she said. “But the person who plays the role young and pretty and ends up getting the guy has no power. And vice versa: a character can have power but not femininity.”

He began directing episodes, including some for series such as “Homicide: Life On The Street,” “NYPD Blue,” “Oz,” and the hit television series “Six Feet Under.”

In her personal life, the actress has experienced some setbacks related to her health. He was diagnosed with cancer twice in his life; 2003 and 2012. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2003 and breast cancer in 2012.

After her breast cancer surgery, actress Kathy Bates began speaking openly about her lymphedema diagnosis.He works as a spokesman for the Lymphatic Education & Research Network.


To prevent your arms from swelling, you must wear compression stockings. He makes sure to wear them when he flies or performs a strenuous task as his condition tends to worsen without them.

She has to remind herself to slow down to cope with the illness, the actress said: “If I can stop rushing, relax my shoulders, straighten my spine, take deep breaths and focus on every little moment of getting things done “I am better at concentrating on a task.” I am confident that I can live with LE. The pandemic has forced me to slow down.”

She advises anyone suffering from this disease not to let it stop them from living their lives.The actress said: “Going out in public wearing compression garments, especially when people are uninformed about PE, can sometimes be more painful than the disease itself.” However, hiding at home and living a sedentary life becomes difficult for the body and brain just gets worse.”

He made it a point to not let his condition define him; something that she also respects herself.

She advocates for more research into lymphedema and for funds to be made available to those working to raise awareness of the condition.


Kathy Bates isn’t letting her diagnosis hold her back, the actress continues to make sure to play the roles she enjoys and do the work she wants!The actress has not only learned to live with her illness, but also to ensure that she copes well with it.

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He talked about losing 80 pounds in the last few years. The actress

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