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Vintage or revolution? This old-school tool will stand the test of time! 97 II.


Vintage or revolution? This old-school tool will stand the test of time! 97 II.



Heavy rotation covers the most practical and sensitive aspects of wartime.

A Link to the Past

In today’s age of high-tech equipment, discovering a P-38 can be like opening a kitchen drawer and finding hidden treasure. It represents a time dominated by energy and sustainable research.


Trusted soldier Soldier

Imagine a soldier far from home, relying on the P-38 to reach the fields. Designed to be easy to carry, it was a reliable companion during uncertain times of war, encouraging camaraderie as soldiers shared meals.

Performance Heritage

In addition to its combat roots, the P-38’s design is durable and beloved by outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists alike. It requires no power supply or maintenance, including the conveniences offered by previous generations.

Embracing minimalism


In the world of modern swinging doors with ergonomic handles and electric motors, the minimalism of the P-38 stands out. Tactile interaction takes us back to the hand style of the past and reminds us of sustainable design.

Discovering Timeless Art

Exploring P-38 can invite you to appreciate the beauty of old things. They do more than solve problems; they create a design that quietly continues to tell a story.


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