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Maria Reveals the Hidden Meaning Behind 32 Years of Marriage


Maria Reveals the Hidden Meaning Behind 32 Years of Marriage

When we are in a romantic relationship, we learn to trust the other person and feel that they will be there for us in both the difficult and the good times. Unfortunately, there are times when our partner can misbehave.

If evil happens and one of us is unfaithful, we must make a serious decision. Will we continue to believe this or will we make a big change in our lives?


This was the problem this woman discovered. Her husband was continuing to cheat and things weren’t looking good. You can read more about her story and plea for help in the comments below:



My name is Maria, I am 53 years old and I have been married to my husband for 32 years. We have two daughters who are no longer with us.

For fifteen years my relationship with my husband was good, with a few problems, as in every family. We lost our house in 1995 due to a bank loan. We had to move in with my parents with our two young children.

Three years later my husband left for France and I followed him, leaving our daughters and parents behind. We both worked for two years and were able to buy a house.

The house we bought was far from my family, so I had to leave my wife alone in France while I stayed with the girls in Romania. During this time we talked on the phone and saw each other every few months.


At that moment, another woman entered my husband’s life and transformed him into a person he no longer had control over.

He even spoke badly to our daughters and did not want us to visit him. It was very painful for me and my daughter (who still loves my husband very much). I had a nervous breakdown, stopped eating, couldn’t sleep, and my life was like an endless nightmare.

Years ago, I got a job and slowly started to forget what I had experienced. One day my husband lost his job, ran out of money, and asked if he could come home to our daughters.

We accepted and forgave him but he continues to cheat on me. I always knew this because he didn’t know how to hide his weird problems.

He then acted for a few years until he went to Africa. Of course, he met a woman younger than his daughters, who was 24 years old. He now works in France, comes home once a month, but still has a mistress who is twenty years older than him. He denies having this relationship even though I know.


Could you please tell me what to do?

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