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(VIDEO) He places the ring on the Tree of Life on the record player.


(VIDEO) He places the ring on the Tree of Life on the record player.




This is the strangest nature sound I’ve ever heard.

Many beauties surround us in nature, from the animal kingdom to the plant kingdom. People appreciate what they see in nature, but not many people take the time to appreciate the sounds of nature.


Cats chattering in the dark, the sound of many birds singing together, frogs croaking or the sound of a gentle breeze among the leaves. This seems easy to understand, but have you ever thought about listening to a tree? Yes, you read that right: a tree trunk.

This relates, for example, to rings on tree trunks. It is known that tree rings tell a lot about the tree, especially about the presence of water throughout each period of its existence.

Does the steering wheel packed with stuff ever remind you of the big version of a vinyl record? Artist Bartholomaus Traubeck thought so too. He was curious about what the rings “say,” so he created a typewriter that read the color and shape of the rings for a cross-section of a tree. It describes the ringing sound in audible tones, a kind of music if you will.

How is such a thing possible? Traubeck’s “Writing Player” uses light to describe the color and texture of the wooden rings in the music book. Although it may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, the actual technology behind it is not at all exaggerated or a big secret.

The PlayStation’s simple eye camera and the motor on the turntable were what really caught his attention. Data is first collected by a camera and sent to the computer. This information is interpreted in piano form using a program called Ableton Live.


This video helps you understand nature through Traubeck’s images. If you think you hear too much sound or noise, you are wrong. Even though these “songs” don’t have traditional chords, they’re still pretty good. It’s a bit reminiscent of the background music you heard during a horror movie back in the silent movie days.

Since each tree’s rings are unique, this means that each tree has its own song. What this artist does is actually create an endless library of unique texts. What a new way to see, or rather feel, nature.

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