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TV actress has had sex with more than 700 men


TV actress has had sex with more than 700 men


Australian reality TV presenter Belinda Love Rygier says sex “controls her life” and allows her to have sex with men 700

Reveals how she overcame her addiction and found a normal life. He could have lived a life. Belinda “Love” Rygier, who started her television career as a contestant on the 2017 season of The Bachelor Australia, said she is recovering and has been single for 15 months.

A 38-year-old woman said that at one point in her life she went out six nights a week to make new friends.

An Australian journalist has admitted that dating apps did not exist when he was addicted to drugs like they are now.


Old rape confession

According to the Mirror, Belinda was invited to a radio interview and admitted that she “didn’t know she had a problem until she got better.”

“After I recovered, I realized there was unresolved trauma that was causing me to have sex,” she said.

Although adultery cost her her life, the woman says she is a ‘workaholic’ and keeps the secrets of her profession.

The TV personality says she has “lost track” of how many men she has slept with over the years, but is sure the number is “over 700.”


However, he said he was ‘not ashamed’ of the amount of sexual violence he experienced and still ‘feels a great desire for sex’.

“Men were very good to me and told me what I wanted to hear; “It was less about dating and more about feeling good, accepted and loved.”

Why Sex Now
Belinda continued: “Society has rejected us and we use sex for the wrong reasons and these are quickly or temporarily validated by others.”

She said she can no longer have sex without strong emotions. “I’ll sleep again, but with someone we’re related to.”

This TV personality has now become a ‘big love’ on social media and frequently appears on media shows to offer words of wisdom to her thousands of followers.


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