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this woman has not cut her hair for 25 years


this woman has not cut her hair for 25 years



Home PageMedia Despite her husband’s repeated requests,this woman has not cut her hair for 25 years. He finally gave up and cut his hair! This is what this woman looks like right now.

There comes a time in life when we want to change something about our appearance. Whether it’s old hair or tired clothes, a little change is always refreshing.

A woman named Rosa Ramirez from America decided that after cutting her hair for 25 years, it was time for a change. Her hair was so long that it sometimes reached her top.


Her husband tried to persuade her to change her hair years ago, but she refused because she was very happy with her 6 meter long hair.

After 25 long years, he decided that enough was enough and went to the barber with a few friends and cut his long hair. But he did it on purpose. Rosa donated 4 meters of hair to Lock of Love, a non-profit organization that donates hair to children who lose their hair due to cancer.

https://youtube.com/isaha? Question: You can watch the video below.

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Credit: Kuluckada


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