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People believed their answers 17 times, BUT it couldn’t be worse


People believed their answers 17 times, BUT it couldn’t be worse


The reason most people fail at some point is overconfidence. But this means it’s a fun video for viewers who can take photos or video.

We have twenty such cases today where people are so distrustful of their answers that they cannot be wrong.

17 times people’s trust was instantly lost
1. Confront your ignorance

Image credit: Facebook


One user believed that the use of facial recognition would allow the government to have more information. Later, another user approached them because he did not know his driver’s license.


4. History Lesson

Image Credit: Facebook



Another Facebook user is Martin Luther King Jr. I will disagree with some words, regardless of whether some words were said by MLK or not.

Misinformation was common as the plague was a thing of the past. A Twitter user tried to talk about the government conspiracy, but someone else silenced him.

6. God’s Message

Image Credit: Facebook



A person on Tumblr attempted to argue about God’s purposes when another user commented on a biblical passage about closing his store.

7. History class skipping

Travis Akers can’t stand Fox News spreading misinformation. He could have easily fixed it through Google and decided to post it on Twitter. 97 – those who are unaware of the existence of such items.


10. Shapes and Colors


Image Credit: Twitter


When a Twitter user asked his followers to name a fruit based on its color, another user answered star fruit. For those who don’t know, stars are shapes, not colors.

11 To put it bluntly, they didn’t.

12. Beautiful animalsImage credit: Reddit
Biology tells us that only mammals can produce milk. However, this Twitter user believed that cows were given feminine names just to be misunderstood, not because we don’t want to drink cow’s milk.

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13. Terrible Horror

Image Credit: Reddit

There is absolutely no reason to argue with a famous author like Stephen King. And yet someone believed that the author had made a typo, when in fact he had not.


14. Joke

Image credit: Reddit
The only rule of the joke is: no typos. But this person can’t even spell the word “you” correctly in the wrong distribution form. Ps.

15. Simple Old Man

Image Credit: Reddit
For a certain Twitter user, a child born in 2010 is 18 years old in 2018. How can you ask? Round 10 and add 8. That’s a number R. Kelly would be proud of.

16. Acute Care

Image Credit: Reddit

Some people were surprised when the COVID vaccine became available because they thought there was no regular flu vaccine.

17. Tesla
The man behind the
Image Credit: Twitter
One of those Twitter topics that almost everyone misunderstands. Where do we start? Let’s discuss how Tesla was not built by Nikola Tesla? Or should we say how he lived in the 20th century, not the 18th century?

Overconfidence can cause problems if not met with sufficient information. But it sure makes for a funny article, right?

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