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Sealed bag under an old tree: Contains accessories/electrics, 9V battery, alarm, removable hoses and removable brake.


Sealed bag under an old tree: Contains accessories/electrics, 9V battery, alarm, removable hoses and removable brake.


TheRoadsMustRoll said:
this is for pulling worms out of the ground for fishing purposes.
You have two electrodes that you stick into the ground at different distances, you turn on the voltage and worms come out.
Consumer versions of these were already so dangerous that it was rare for anyone to make their own. Doesn’t exceed UL standards hahaha.

Rich_One8093 said:
I agree with other subscribers who shared this, this is a fishing stop alarm that can use two rods. Holds IV device and copper tubing pole. A 6-volt battery passes through the switch and powers one side of each box’s outlet. The bell is flat on the wrong side. Special features of the corner box are the end cord used to connect the socket and the clip with ends which, when closed, fills the circle and allows the bell to ring. The cartridge is attached to the fishing line by placing it between the connection points of the clip at degrees. Once caught, the fish pulls the cartridge from its clip, allowing the circuit to be “activated” by ringing the bell. Sound is possible.

BingServ said:
My title explains it: We destroyed the old tree we found under it. The bag was locked and after an investigation based on the name, it turned out to belong to a deceased former Vietnamese electrician. The copper pipe fits into the female part above the wood so nothing can get in. The two plugins appear consecutively in the following order. A piece of metal resting on a base attached to the bag.


KryptosBC said:
I love this kind of thing. Water or air cans are thrown over the lids and the lid is attached to a brass rod. Two electric heaters (currently used elsewhere) were wrapped with copper and connected together. Water was heated by pumping it through a copper pipe. A 6-volt battery powers the alarm bell, which is probably connected to a temperature sensor that is also powered by 6 volts. I suspect the temperature sensor is connected to an old cable plugged into a small box. The reason behind the incident is a mystery. I’m sorry, but I felt the need to make a comment that wasn’t snake related.

TikiTribble said:
Built-in bag! I recommend this JULY, which naturally means it should be transferred. But not only is this simple, it probably requires a natural material (possibly made of wood) with better gripping dimensions.tool. This device seems cleverly designed to collapse and freeze, especially in a bag.

This MAY mean the builder doesn’t want them to know they are moving something unusual. I suggest perhaps taking the device somewhere where it can be worn discreetly. Like people’s homes. Finding this ‘under the surface’, in the absence of other information, supports the concept of privacy.

In its original, homemade form, this somewhat reminds me of a false lie, a vision, or an attempt to imitate the “E-meter” used in Scientology. (This is also a question, I’m being cruel). But maybe the idea was to put his hands on the left side of the “IV Drip” and then hold the brass “T-bar” on the right with both hands to complete the circle? If feedback is needed, this can be done by ringing the bell occasionally or by slowly ringing
in response to the manager’s questions.

I am curious about technology and electricity and of course this is just an idea. Has anyone seen any institution that could support such an idea?


TheDawgg12 said:
Used to collect worms for collection.

Bunny_Fluff said:
Could there be some kind of power meter? Perhaps an extension cord and outlet could be used to test equipment or wiring or anything where the buzzer is off? But that’s just a kick in the ass because I can’t imagine what the webs are for.

bionic_grimereaper said:
My father had an old telephone machine or something like a 10 inch cube that you put your finger in and it released a strong wind. I added two large alligator clips to the wire and we drove the two large heads in different directions. When I was little we could take with us all the worms we needed to catch.

lotus2471 said:
It’s like an old version of electrical testing on the power supply. Different types of migrations are resources for testing different types of problems. Most cars were powered by a 6-volt system, which could mean a 6-volt battery in the corner.

Hair2176 said:
My grandfather made one from two leaves and a wide rope. He swept the floor for a few minutes, placed the logs about a meter apart, and plugged them in. It was really cool to see the worms appear so quickly!


R-Mutt1 said:
The bell gets power before switching on pin 2, right? I get the feeling the rod might be in the front head, but even with the clamps I can’t see them completing the circuit.

Could be a fishing rod with a clamp on the end of the pin 2 plug for different things. for example wormsInfantryMatt said:
I heard this is a trigger alarm. electric. Electricians…let me know where my ignorance lies.

Electric current passes through the bell and reaches the switch. Is it the black power cable coming out of the bottom outlet that points to the cable on the other side? Metallic explosion on clip, in transparent box. Will the box plug be attached to the call box and attached to one of the hangers or a piece of brass? I’m going to throw it in here, but there’s something copper plated stuck to the wood. When the copper tube is removed from either hanger it will cause the
to break and cause the bell/alarm to sound.

CalmGreen2073 said: The
aluminum stand is medical grade and made for IV bags or similar.

Generator is designed for use in the market and therefore on AC.


An alarm may occur when one process ends and another begins. Maybe a blood transfusion or other treatment.

Everything is designed to be foldable and easy. Is it possible to miss the copper parts?

obijon298 said:
OP, do you see a way to turn off the alarm, like cotton wool inside or a bent alarm? If so, it makes sense to find the worm (using a buzzer behind the motor as an EMF motor), otherwise getting a fishing rod/fish alarm sounds like me.

Bron: reddit.com

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