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21-year-old woman says she lives in a shed in her parents’


21-year-old woman says she lives in a shed in her parents’ backyard to avoid rent


A woman recently said she had to move into her parents’ house to save on rent Aniah Warne, 21, of Boise, Idaho, said her parents He said he couldn’t afford the rent for his own apartment after moving out of his house. So she decided to use the shed in their backyard. In his viral TikTok video, the old man showed his followers around the cabin after someone revealed he was living in it. Aniya replied: “I live in a shack. This is my cabin.

The woman lived in her parents’ cottage to save on rent.
In the video, she also showed her followers where she lived and told how she had to take shelter here to save on rent.

In her video, she said: “Now I have a step here that looks like a little porch and the wall is open. So I have my desk, my TV, my bed, and I sit on my bed. And then I have my nightstand with the most important items, I have a nice chair, a plant, dishes, a I have a refrigerator, a makeup mirror, and this is my closet. It’s really clean now. So yes. This is my cast.

Videos about rent-free living have gone viral with more than 1.5 million views and thousands of views. “I don’t understand how people see this and don’t want to do the same,” one of her followers said.


Another user wrote: “Brother, this place is so cool, it looks like a studio apartment but it’s actually my favorite place.” A third user said: “This is what my husband and I are building for our kids. Everyone keeps a little studio on our property so they don’t have to move when they turn 18. That’s what I thought everyone called it haha!” Good for sleeping. ”

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