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Homeless couple gets the message jobs aren’t for them


This homeless couple’s decision to reject traditional jobs and opt for tent life has sparked controversy and criticism.

The couple, who are known to document their tent life, said, “From our perspective, homelessness is not a bad thing.”

Comments shared by his 178,000 followers on TikTok sparked a heated debate, with many questioning his stances on street life.

Leland Brown Jr. and Breanna from Hatfield, Pennsylvania, USA, caused a stir when they announced that they chose the word ‘homelessness’ instead of ‘homelessness’. In a video shared from their tent, they explained their thoughts, emphasized that “homelessness is easy,” and demonstrated the survival skills that have given them their unique lifestyle.


His words caused mixed reactions; some expressed their independence, while others expressed doubts about their decisions. Amid the controversy, Leland and Breanna started a GoFundMe campaign to support their little one to make ends meet while prioritizing spending time with Leland Jr.’s son. So far they’ve only raised $162 of their $10,000 goal.

Exactly how the couple became homeless remains unclear; There are conflicting reports about their history and current situation. While old footage shows Leland working at various companies and at home, recent footage shows they don’t want to do traditional jobs.

The couple said they were in no rush to find a job because they were “very smart about it.” Critics have questioned their decisions, saying their lifestyle is more about avoiding responsibility than welcoming the homeless.

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