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My Italian grandmother taught me


My Italian grandmother taught me


. The warmth of a hearty casserole is incomparable and evokes feelings of home with every bite. Imagine a dish where tender meat melds with aromatic spices and fluffy rice, drawing everyone to the  table with  anticipation. That’s what you get with  Italian Chicken and Rice Casserole: a delicious blend of classic Italian flavors and the comforting feel of a traditional casserole. This dish is a dream for anyone looking for a no-fuss, one-pot meal that minimizes cleanup without sacrificing the nutritious, hearty meals you love to serve your family.

Complement this comforting casserole with a crisp green salad with Italian dressing, tender steamed green beans or a refreshing tomato and cucumber salad.Pair it with a loaf of crusty garlic bread for a complete dinner sure to please everyone.

Italian Chicken and Rice Casserole Recipe



1 1/2 cups long grain white rice

3 cups low sodium chicken broth


2 cloves garlic, minced

1 small onion, diced


1 red  pepper, diced

2 tablespoons olive oil

6 to 8 bone-in, skinless chicken thighs

1 teaspoon dry Italian seasoning

1/2 teaspoon salt


1/4 teaspoon black pepper

1 can (14.5 ounces) diced tomatoes, undrained

1 cup grated mozzarella cheese

Freshness Parsley, chopped for garnish



Preheat your oven to 375°F. Experience the joy of cooking when you start with this nutritious recipe.

Heat the olive oil in a frying pan over medium heat.Saute onion, garlic and peppers until tender and aromatic, about 5 minutes.

Add the rice and let it  toast for 2 minutes. Add the chicken broth and bring to a boil.

Season the chicken thighs with Italian seasoning, salt and pepper. Place them in the pan between the rice.Top with undrained, diced tomatoes and let the juice add depth to the dish.

Cover and bake for 35-40 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked through and the rice is tender.

Sprinkle mozzarella cheese over the casserole, then place in the oven, uncovered, for 5 minutes, until the cheese is bubbly and golden brown.

Let the dish  rest for 5 minutes before garnishing with parsley. This waiting brings all the flavors together beautifully.Variations and Tips:

Adapt the recipe for picky eaters by omitting the tomatoes or peppers and focusing on the simple but delicious combination of broth, rice, chicken and cheese.

Experiment with cheese by mixing mozzarella with Parmesan or Asiago for an extra Italian flavor.


Add vegetables such as spinach or diced zucchini to tomatoes to increase the  nutritional value of the dish.

Make use of your leftover treats: This casserole is easy to reheat, making it perfect for a stress-free lunch or dinner the next day.

Have fun!

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