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Make it guilt-free: a flourless, oven-free and egg-free treat recipe!


Make it guilt-free: a flourless, oven-free and egg-free treat recipe!




Are you ready for a unique gastronomic journey? Rich foods will tantalize your taste buds, but say goodbye to flour, baking powder and eggs! Dive into the flavor of this eggless, flourless, no-bake cake. 9 beans

1/3 of an ounce dark chocolate
5 fluid ounces 33% cream
Let’s explore the wonders of creation with our pieces!


Base: Symphony of Flavor
Decorate your kitchen with the scent of chocolate and cookies that feels like they are crumbling under your fingers. We started our journey there without flour, oven and eggs. The cookies are first crumbled and set aside. Then we combine the sugar and cocoa powder in a saucepan to create a rich, chocolatey mixture. We add oil and milk and cook until it thickens, adding flavor to every molecule. The finishing touch of vanilla essence takes the taste to the next level.

Making Glittering Cream
While our base is cold, we cream and paint on the cake. We taste the silky dark chocolate melting in the microwave. By mixing it with 33% cream, we get a rich coating that you will definitely be happy with.

Setting the Scene: Planning Phase
We’ve got our glaze and foundation ready, let’s put the artwork together. We place baking paper in our mold so that we can remove our cake after it hardens. We level the bottom inside the cup and correct all errors. Then, like an artist adding the final brush stroke, we pour the polish over the base, making sure every inch is covered.

Curing and cooling
Placing our products in the refrigerator to freeze and harden requires patience. It may seem like an eternity, but the payoff is worth the hour’s wait. Our flourless, oven-free and egg-free cake becomes a ready-to-eat masterpiece with the combination of flavors and perfect texture.Decadence Revealed: Love Service
It’s finally time to show off our masterpieces. The cream shakes, we take the cake out of the refrigerator and develop it. Each piece displays a level of decadence and demonstrates the mastery of minimalism. Spread the love and watch hearts melt after mouths water.

questions you wanted S1 solved. Is there any way I can make a base?
That’s right! Choose your cookies creatively to change the flavor of your cake.


Can I use something else instead of dark chocolate in the cream?
Of course! You can use white or milk chocolate to give this decadent dessert a fresh taste.

How long should bread be kept in the refrigerator? Although the
Cake will set within an hour, you can let it sit longer if you want a firm texture.

Can I make this cake at a certain time in advance? Without doubt. This made-from-scratch cake is so delicious because the flavors have time to blend and deepen.

Can I paint or cover the cake?
Indeed! Take your time and add fruit, nuts or sugar to make this unique flavor your own.

Enjoy the joy of creation


If you have this formula, you have the key to the freedom of eternal happiness. Get caught up in the magic of eggless and flourless baked goods and give yourself some pleasure. So go ahead and find your ingredients, bring out your inner chef and let the delicious symphony begin

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