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If you have eagle eyes, find a partner now!


If you have eagle eyes, find a partner now!


A photo of a girl with wings is a visual riddle that not everyone knows where her loved one is.

Uniquely we not only present the puzzle but also provide the correct answer after discussion to increase the trick of solving the puzzle.

To our surprise, we see the silhouette of a probably fake girl adorned with feathers in the forest. The question arises: Why is he alone in the forest?

Contrary to appearances, the girl is not alone; The young man accompanied her to the photo.


The problem is to find this secret boy that the lady is in love with.

Readers are encouraged to share their answers in the comments before seeing the actual answer later in the article.

The expectation is that you will test your skills and try to solve the puzzle on your own.

As promised, the real answer will be revealed later.

A careful observer sees a man hiding behind a young woman.


His silhouette is not visible at the lady’s feet, skillfully hidden behind her.

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