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Discover the Incredible Love of Jesus


Discover the Incredible Love of Jesus


Jesus’ love is truly extraordinary. It knows no boundaries and is available to everyone, regardless of past or present circumstances. Evangelist Ray Comfort had the opportunity to demonstrate the depth of Jesus’ love when he was confronted with inappropriate jokes about Him. Comfort reveals the unconditional nature of Jesus’ love and extraordinary power through authentic stories of transformation.

Revealing the Heart of Jesus’ Love
Ray Comfort’s mission is to reveal the essence of Jesus’ love to the world. He conveys the message of Jesus’ love and its impact on life by sharing recognizable and inspiring stories. Through these stories, she creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that allows people to connect on your level and feel the love of Jesus.

Transformational Stories
Comfort shares the stories of individuals who have experienced the life-changing power of Jesus’ love. One of the stories is about a man suffering from alcoholism and depression. Through Jesus’ love, he found the strength to free himself and change his life. Another story follows a woman’s journey from feeling lost and alone to discovering the love of Jesus in her darkest moments. This love gave him the courage to rebuild his life and find purpose. These stories touch hearts and inspire
people to find and experience the love of Jesus.

Watch Ray Comfort’s video about the eternal love of Jesus.


Accept the love of Jesus
A message of comfort is more than just telling a story. This is an invitation for everyone to know the love of Jesus personally. His warm and recognizable demeanor offers hope and a path to a deeper relationship with Jesus. Through her evangelistic efforts, she encourages people to open their hearts and receive the life-changing power of Jesus’ love.

Bringing hope to generations
Despite inappropriate jokes about Jesus, Ray Comfort shines the true light of Jesus’ love. Through inspiring stories of transformation, he extends an invitation to others, inviting them to experience the overwhelming and transformative power of Jesus’ love. This message resonates across generations and brings hope to all who seek it.

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