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Bradley Cooper’s (83) mother rocked the Oscars with all black


Bradley Cooper’s (83) mother rocked the Oscars with all black

Bradley Cooper, who recently attended the Oscars with a new date, had fans share strong opinions about the couple. Some thought it was sweet, but others thought the date he chose was the reason he couldn’t calm down. Bradley Cooper made a heart-warming appearance at the 2024 Oscars, not with a Hollywood star by his side, but with his beloved mother Gloria Campano. During this trip, which turned out to be an unforgettable one, Cooper, who wore a black double-breasted Louis Vuitton suit, was joined by 83-year-old Campano, who attracted attention with his stylish outfit. From

Campano opted for a chic black dress paired with a matching blazer, accented with a beautiful book. She added a modern twist to her classic outfit by completing her look with blue sunglasses. Fans quickly took to social media to express their admiration for the couple with some extremely heartfelt comments.


“This is so cute. She looks like her mom,” one fan said, noting the connection between Cooper and Campano. “I swear I thought it was Jennifer Aniston,” said another fan, who initially mistook Campano for another celebrity. “He’s got a pocket mom,” another joked, a simple way of showing Campano’s status compared to his son.


But not all opinions were in favor of Cooper’s choice. Some saw this as a critical moment, making comments like “I’m afraid I can’t make another appointment? My son is Mama’s Son,” and even suggested it was time for Cooper to grow up and leave his mother at home. The meeting is gone. award ceremony. . One even suggested that the reason Cooper couldn’t continue the relationship was due to his relationship with his mother.

Although many people were involved, it is clear that Campano had a special place in Cooper’s life. Not only is she famous for her former career at NBC, but she also recently moved to Los Angeles with Cooper. The move demonstrates Cooper’s commitment to his family, as he has publicly celebrated the close relationship he shares with his mother.

“I like having my mother with us. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Cooper said, emphasizing the deep bond they share. This relationship goes beyond everyday life, as Cooper often invites his mother to accompany him on his travels, including a month in Paris.


Cooper’s close relationship with his mother provides insight into how he copes with life’s challenges, including his struggles with depression and anxiety. His father’s death in 2011 was a huge turning point for Cooper, making his death something he had previously feared. Campano’s presence at the Oscars, and in Cooper’s life more broadly, takes on greater significance in this context. For Cooper, having his mother by his side isn’t just a sign of affection; It is a testament to the strength and comfort that comes from their family.


As previously reported on January 8:

Bradley Cooper was one of the many actors in attendance at this year’s Golden Globes. While others stopped by to see their new look, her presence was highlighted by her appointment. The “A Star is Born” actor was accompanied by his dazzling 80-year-old mother, Gloria Cooper, on the red carpet. Many newspapers captured the couple’s sweet moments and posted clips of the event on social media, sparking a flood of positive comments celebrating the couple’s
th relationship.

After the red carpet event, Bradley and his mother, who likes to keep his private life secret, were seen entering a famous restaurant run by the Giorgio Baldi family.

The Golden Globes event wasn’t the first time Bradley showed off his close bond with his mother. The actor, who quarantined himself and Gloria during the pandemic, shared his experiences and drew attention to the strong bond between the actor and his mother.

During the height of the plague, she, her daughter and two dogs were trapped under the house. None went so far as to provide an extra layer of protection for Gloria, who had an ostomy bag and was at risk of infection.


“We live in a small town. Luckily, there is a backstory. I run a one-person school. “We get up and take swimming lessons in the bathroom,” the actor shared.

Although Bradley Cooper is dedicated to his career as an actor, he is also a dedicated parent who left the press conference after receiving an urgent call from his daughter’s school.

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