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99% of people have no idea what it is…


99% of people have no idea what it is…


Embrace cycling heritage: vintage bikes

In the age of LED bike lights and rechargeable batteries, a beautiful piece of cycling history continues its journey through time: the vintage motorcycle engine. These remnants of the past evoke a time when cyclists relied on the knowledge and skills of night mechanics.

Simple but powerful: how it works


The vintage bicycle press is a small but ingenious device that can be attached to a bicycle, usually around the handlebars. As the steering wheel turns, a generator, usually a small dynamo, works with the tires and turns the rotational energy into electricity, turning on interior lighting that casts a warm, nostalgic glow on the road ahead.

Simplicity in design and use

One of the most interesting features of these electric motors is their simplicity. No batteries or search cable required; it’s just a circuit of the spinning wheel that produces the light. It is a combination of style and performance that embodies the history where craftsmanship and mechanical engineering have defined cycling technology.

The beauty of time: The design of

electric generators usually has a classic design with a chrome or brushed metal finish, which adds to the appeal of time. Housed in a strong, weatherproof housing, the lights can withstand the elements during night rides and complement the retro appeal of old bikes.


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