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Wish list written by a foster child in Oklahoma


Wish list written by a foster child in Oklahoma



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wish list per foster child in oklahoma

Dreams of abused children is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of abused children. According to their website, their main goal is to “educate the public about all aspects of child abuse, including symptoms, intervention, prevention, statistics, reporting, and to help victims find the resources they need to heal.”


A family recently shared a heartbreaking list written by an Oklahoma child who was placed in foster care after being severely abused by both of his drunken parents. The boy never had the love or happiness that children bring. All she knew was neglect and hunger.

Years passed before a neighbor noticed the terrible things happening in the boy’s home and decided to alert social services.

After police arrived, the child was taken to the Dreamcatchers, a family of child victims who made sure the little boy had a new, loving home. When the organization finally found the perfect family and told the boy the good news, the child made a wish list of everything he wanted in his new forever home.

Needless to say, the list melted many people’s hearts. Many took the time to explain that the things on the list are not things a child should dream about, as most are basic needs so they should automatically receive them.

The list is as follows:


“Things I want in my family:
I want food and water.
Don’t hit me.
The house has water and electricity.
I want love.
My mother and father do not argue.
I don’t want drugs.
Don’t kill my animals.
Help at school.
Beautiful clothes.
There are no trees. There is no disturbance at home.
Clean house.
Clean the bed with covers.
Don’t sell my toys.
Winning. There are
televisions in the house.
I’ll keep the school supplies.
Good shoes.
My own soap. A nice house and a nice warm coat.
Teeth. ”

This list reminds us that we should never take things for granted.

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