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White Asparagus Gratin with Ham and Cheese Recipe


White Asparagus Gratin with Ham and Cheese Recipe


– – TIP – –
Enhance your dining experience with this rich and comforting dish of White Asparagus Gratin with Ham and Cheese. This recipe combines fresh white asparagus with delicious ham and golden cheese sauce, creating the perfect combination of texture and texture. It makes a great appetizer or side dish. Here’s how to do it. 97 Preparing the asparagus:

Preheat the oven to 200°C.
Remove the white asparagus from the bowl and press gently with kitchen paper to remove excess moisture.
Lightly oil the baking dish and divide the asparagus into the bottom.
– – RESULT – –
2. Add the ham:

Small slices of cooked ham on top of the asparagus. You can cover the skewers with a piece of ham, or cut the ham into slices and distribute them evenly over the side of the asparagus.
3. Duration:

– – APPROVAL – –
Sprinkle some salt and dried thyme over the ham and asparagus to add flavor.
4. Add cheese:


Brush the ham and asparagus thickly with the grilled cheese, making sure it is evenly distributed on the plate. 9
6. Preparation:

Once the food is cooked, remove it from the oven and let it cool for a few minutes. Serve hot as a main course or side dish.
This shredded white asparagus with ham and cheese is not only easy to prepare but also eye-catching. The creamy, creamy cheese complements the delicate asparagus, while the ham adds some depth. Enjoy this delicious au gratin as a delicious side dish for your next meal!

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