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What’s this? Item listed first in post


What’s this? Item listed first in post



Uncovering the mystery: Engine Telegram (EOT).

Entry to EOT.

An important vehicle in maritime history.
EOT Function


Establishing the connection between the ship’s bridge and the engine room.
EOT System Management

“Full Front”, “Part Two” and other similar laws.
Ring signals and mirror functions are used for authentication.
Design and quality.

Combines functionality and quality.
Long brass with wood veneer.
Good communication

Instructions are given clearly and effectively using the circle.

Discovery and identification


Found in an antique store and identified as EOT.
EOT Symbol

Represents the past years of maritime communications.
Engagement and Learning

Using the Web History Search System. The importance of historical objects

To improve our understanding of history and human development.
Conclusion: research into the history of the sea

EOT demonstrates technological creativity and human curiosity for the ocean.
Discovering historical objects makes us respect history and art.


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