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The fascinating story of the crooked trees that show the way for the indigenous people


The fascinating story of the crooked trees that show the way for the indigenous people


In today’s digital age, finding your way in the forest has become very easy. With the help of maps and GPS we can navigate easily. But have you ever wondered how people of old managed to get by without these modern conveniences? It turns out that the Indian tribes had their own unique method: bending trees.

 Discovery of Ancient Trails

Native Americans accomplished this remarkable feat by sticking a piece of  tree into a hole and letting it  grow around it.The result? Trees with distinctive curves that have stood the test of time. While some trees in nature may have irregular shapes due to nature’s whims, curved trees have distinctive characteristics that suggest their man-made origin. You may notice a noticeable nose or  notch at the end of the curve.


These twisted trees also served as trail markers left by the indigenous people.By examining the scars on the trees created by the straps  used to secure them when they were young, we can better identify the paths that Native Americans marked.

 Living Historic Landmarks

These remarkable trail markers have a history spanning more than 150 to 200 years. They led the Native Americans through rugged terrain, leading them to sources of water and food and other important landmarks. Today, many of these trees have grown into  gnarled old giants, silent witnesses to the rich history they helped shape. Imagine the stories they could tell.Preserving Our Living History

To protect and preserve these extraordinary trees, the Mountain Stewards website was created. The site meticulously maps more than 1,000 bent trees across the country and documents their locations. This valuable resource allows us to appreciate and learn from these living pieces of history.


 Dive Deeper into History

If you are fascinated by this historical fact and would like to explore the wide variety of crooked trees throughout the United States, check out the video below. And don’t forget to share this fascinating article with your family and friends on Facebook.Let us spread the knowledge and appreciation of our rich heritage.

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