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Robertson couldn’t stop crying.


Robertson couldn’t stop crying.



Mia Robertson, the daughter of Duck Dynasty’s Missy and Jase Robertson, cried this week after learning of the death of the man who was the most important part of her life.

Dr. has been treating a young patient for years. David Genecov died in a traffic accident last Saturday.

Missy Robertson announced on Instagram that her daughter Mia had surgery to repair her lips and mouth. She explained how her husband’s talents and medical discoveries made a difference.


“Her compassionate nature helped calm her (and me), but her constant encouragement that we were both capable of doing hard things helped Mia and I become stronger than we ever thought possible,” says Missy. “By constantly encouraging ourselves that we can achieve difficult things, we have become stronger than we thought.”

Mia Robertson’s journey has been well documented since she was a little girl. She had surgery for the 14th time in July, which she said was her last one. The Mia Moo Foundation was created to give every child the opportunity to smile.

According to Missy Robertson, she informed Mia about the situation, which Mia took very seriously. Dr. Genecov’s willingness to include Mia in the decision-making process and his impeccable demeanor will be fondly remembered by the family.

“He was further along the journey of peace than we thought or imagined. We will miss him greatly, but we are grateful for the work he did for Mia and all oral and maxillofacial patients and the legacy of medical excellence he leaves behind.

Mia did not comment on any social networks about the incident. “She doesn’t remember her life before she met Dr. David,” her mother continued. We ask for your prayers for his family and everyone affected by his death,” she said.


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