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McDonald's painted its walls gold to make a statement.


McDonald’s painted its walls gold to make a statement.


McDonald’s, one of the world’s largest fast food chains, changed its mural to celebrate women and remind them that each of them is amazing in their own way.

On International Women’s Day, March 8, 2018, “a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women,” the agency decided to transform Mickey’s walls.

Many people who saw the change and felt like they had gone to another planet were so surprised that they thought it was related to the usual disagreement between Wendy and the company.


But they were completely wrong. The sign was changed to “celebrate women everywhere”, the spokesperson said. McDonald’s decided to change the signage of its restaurant in Lynwood, California, although it kept the same logo.
Employees simultaneously wore hats and shirts bearing the “W” symbol, and 100 restaurants nationwide offered special items bearing the logo. To celebrate the achievements of women around the world, especially in our restaurants, we changed our archetypes to International Women’s Day for the first time in our history. said Wendy Lewis, McDonald’s Chief Diversity Officer.

According to Lauren Altman, a spokesperson for this brand, the new design was created to promote women around the world. “We have a long history of helping women grow and succeed in the workplace through empowerment.”

“We are proud to say that six out of ten restaurant managers in the United States today are women. We are happy to be different. she continued. All of the company’s social media platforms will feature updated versions of the logo, and 100 sites will receive “packaging, staff shirts, hats and bag accessories.” 97 of them support women’s rights. “Gender discourse is still important in society.”

And we think now is the perfect time to introduce the Jane Walker brand and help thrive in communities aligned with our mission,” said Stephanie Jacoby, Vice President of Johnnie Walker.

“We are proud to celebrate everyone’s progress toward gender equality and the many accomplishments of women.”


One of the organizations that helped with the process was Brawny, who donated $100,000 to Girls, Inc. and replaced the male Muscle Woman

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