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Joke of the Day At the hotel with his mistress:


Joke of the Day At the hotel with his mistress:

Joke of the Day is relaxation time when you need to break the schedule.

“I went to the hotel with my wife yesterday and saw my father-in-law’s car parked at the entrance.

I lost all my desires and if he had asked me of course I would have had problems.

I told my wife that today was not possible and she left.

On the way home, I broke both mirrors out of anger. The next day I went up to him and laughed because there were no mirrors in his car. He got very angry, I asked:


What’s going on? You look sad.

How can I not be? I borrowed your wife’s car yesterday and she returned it without mirrors. ”

Next joke
Dad, I want to marry you!

First of all, we apologize!

So why?


I’m sorry!

What? What have I done?

You need to apologize!

But why???

I’m sorry, I said it!


Please give me a reason!!!

First of all, we apologize.

Okay dad… I’m sorry!

Perfect, you’re ready! Your education is over. If you learn to apologize for no reason, you can get married!


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