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I’m not old enough to remember the purpose of this thing, am I?


I’m not old enough to remember the purpose of this thing, am I?


Skateboarding is a pastime that has been enjoyed by children and adults for generations.

The first use of the wheel is said to have occurred at demonstrations in London as early as 1743; John Joseph Merlin claims to have invented it while living in London in 1760.

They even appeared during the Second World War War, when the US came up with the idea of ​​using them to transport pedestrians across Europe to save gas; but this idea did not come true.

They became the first popular entertainment in the United States in 1935, and the entertainment became increasingly popular in the 1970s when roller rinks accompanied by disco music were introduced.


Those of a certain age will remember those heavy skates that attached to your shoes and changed as your feet grew. But you don’t remember the metal thing that many skaters wear around their necks.



Skate Key
Images of the copper-colored object shared on social media are said to be a bottle opener or some kind of tool.

It is basically a skate key and for skaters prior to the 1970’s it was a must have key for anyone who owned roller skates.


Skates can be worn with shoes and the size can be adjusted with the skate button.


The key is attached to the back of the skate, and many people wear the key around their neck to avoid getting lost while skating. In fact, , songs have been written about this important piece of skating equipment.

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