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I hope it’s something you never know. Please continue to update my arguments (if possible)


I hope it’s something you never know. Please continue to update my arguments (if possible)


Meet the mysteries of meatballs

Official question

Ready to test your knowledge? While many are confused by this quirk, if you’re among the 20% who do it, you can get ready to show off your skills.


Understanding Meat Grinders

Known as a “meat grinder” in the UK, this kitchen appliance is used to mince or mince raw or cooked meat, fish, vegetables or similar foods. It replaces traditional tools such as drills.


Food is placed in a slot above the grate and then moved forward on a horizontal conveyor belt. Whether manual or electric, this conveyor belt cuts and mixes food. Finally, the broken food comes out of the fixed plate, its quality is determined by the size of the holes in the plate.

Historical background


In the nineteenth century, Karl Drais invented the first meat grinder. In the beginning, the meat was passed by hand through a metal plate with small holes to obtain a long and soft meat.

Evolution and innovation

Electricity burns with more electricity. Modern electric models are efficient and are one of the largest meat processors. Some even come with attachments for making sausages, stuffed meatballs and juice, increasing their functionality.

Conclusion: The Advancement of Kitchen Technology

From its humble beginnings as a hand tool, the meat grinder has evolved into a versatile kitchen appliance that reflects both technological and culinary advances.


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