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How to Make a Delicious Comment on Grilled Cheese


How to Make a Delicious Comment on Grilled Cheese


Grilled cheese is one of the easiest foods to make in the world. Just throw the bread and cheese together, throw the sandwich in the pan, and scoop out the cheese. While there’s nothing wrong with making grilled cheese as quickly and easily as possible, the tips we’re sharing with you will make your next grilled cheese 100 times better.


Throwing Off the Stove
According to Pure Wow, you should use mayonnaise, not cream, in your cheese. All you have to do is cook a non-stick pan over low heat. Instead of oiling the outside, spread mayonnaise on it. Bake the bread until it turns golden brown, then flip the sandwich over and repeat on the other side.



Kristy Made
So what makes the difference? The first is that mayonnaise is easier to spread than butter. This is especially useful when spread on soft bread to prevent it from breaking. Second, mayonnaise has a high smoke point, meaning it doesn’t burn as easily as oil. Finally, the oil and eggs in the mayonnaise make the bread crispy and give the crust its flavor.

Now that you know this simple but game-changing tip, gris cheese sandwiches are about to become your family go-to!

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