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Homemade ice cream with only 3 ingredients


Homemade ice cream with only 3 ingredients

Making your own ice cream at home adds a special touch to one of life’s pleasures. It’s a decadent recipe that you can make at home with just three simple ingredients and tastes just as good as store-bought. Here you can find instructions for making your own ice cream with whipped cream, whole milk, and other simple ingredients. Indulge your taste buds and surprise your loved ones with the epicurean journey that is about to begin!

What you need:

To prepare this delicious homemade cream you need:

2.5 cups or 500 milliliters of mascarpone cheese
about two-thirds of a glass or 150 grams of milk mixture
This corresponds to about 3/ 4 cups or up to 100 grams strawberries cut into small pieces

Make sure the whipped cream is cold before you start preparing the herbs. You can let it rest in the refrigerator for two hours before you start. Also, after washing, remove the stems and cut the strawberries into small pieces.
Press cold whipped cream into a large bowl to form stiff peaks. The speed of your mixer determines how long this process takes.
Stir the condensed milk with a spatula until the whipped cream reaches room temperature. Be careful not to change the whipped cream too much so as not to change the texture of the finished product.
When the milk is mixed well with the whipped cream, add the sliced ​​strawberries and mix. Mix them evenly throughout the range to get the full taste.
Before transferring the ice cream mixture, make sure the lid of the freezer container is secure. Use a spatula to smooth the surface to make it even.
Ice cream should chill for at least six hours, or preferably overnight, after placing the container in the refrigerator. It may then harden to a velvety consistency. Use
Flavor: Pour the ice cream into a serving bowl or sundae after it has cooled completely. You can add chocolate chips or fresh strawberries for an extra touch.
Kitchen Tips and Tricks



If you like it simple, clean the strawberries before mixing them with whipped cream and whole milk. This makes the ice softer and firmer all around.
Variations: Feel free to experiment with other toppings, including chocolate chips, almonds, or crumbled cookies. Be careful not to overdo it by applying too much.
Flavor Variations: Strawberries are a traditional fruit for homemade ice cream, but you can get creative by adding raspberries, blueberries, or even peaches for a different flavor.About low-carb and ketogenic alternatives

There are other options available to people on a low-carb or ketogenic diet:

Weight lotions and creams with keto-friendly ingredients like erythritol or stevia.
Whole milk: Find a low-carb alternative to regular milk or beat heavy cream and keto-friendly butter until thick.
Hazelnuts: Use hazelnuts or other low-carb nuts for a simple low-carb ice cream.
You can make delicious homemade cream tea with a few simple ingredients. If you follow this simple recipe, you can have a rich and satisfying meal. Homemade ice cream is delicious all year round, but especially during the warm summer months or as a decadent dessert after a romantic meal. Get all the tools you need, head to class, and enjoy making something delicious from scratch. Add your taste buds

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After adding the onion and carrot, reduce the heat to low. Continue cooking, stirring occasionally, as the chicken begins to brown and the carrots and onions begin to caramelize.


Boiled chicken with chopped onion, carrots, capers, olives and grapes.
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