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Homelessness Lost Treasures


Homelessness Lost Treasures


Remembering Aluminum and Cork Furniture

In a fast-paced world, it’s easy to overlook the simple yet beautiful tools that make everyday tasks fun. Aluminum and cork fabric, which has been a household item since the mid-20th century, has a special place in the hearts of those who remember the softness provided by pressed fabric.

Smart home appliance

Aluminum and corking machine is designed to make metalworking more efficient and fun. It had a sturdy aluminum casing and cork stopper, reminiscent of the days when housewives liked to store metal and fabric.


Using the Sprayer

Using the machine was a simple but fun process. After filling the filter with water and checking whether the cork stopper is broken, it is heated on the stove or near the fire. When water turns into oil, a slight pressure is created, ready for the entire substance to reshape.

Improving the ironing experience

Removing the cork from the iron produced a soft sound indicating the job was done. The light suction power of the aluminum body causes a fine mist of hot water to hit the fabric before ironing, softening the fibers of the fabric and effectively removing salt.

Sensory experience


The Drip Machine was not only functional but also fun. The comfort of noise, the warmth of water, and the smell of wet clothing played a role in metal show rituals often associated with maternal care and special occasions.

Legacy and memory

Although modern electronics have made IV medicine obsolete, its memory lives on as a symbol of a simpler time when greater emphasis was placed on family attire. It reminds us of the beauty of simplicity and happiness found in a well-dressed salon, a legacy passed down from generation to generation.


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