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Frog Eye Salad


Frog Eye Salad


Dive into joy with Frog Eye Salad: a delicious and refreshing treat

Welcome to a cuisine that combines flavour, beauty and nostalgia in every bite. Our Frog Eye Salad is a favorite that combines a mix of ingredients and ingredients into a hearty and satisfying meal. Whether you’re hosting a banquet, a barbecue, or just want to savor memories from your childhood, Eye Salad is a must-try. Join us to discover the simple steps to making this classic salad and discover why it’s a favorite among
family and friends. 977
3 eggs, beaten
1/2 cup shredded, sweetened coconut
1 cup mini marshmallows
8 ounces cold whisk, thawed


Cooking Pasta:
In a large pot of boiling water, cook acini de pepe pasta to taste. cook. Go to Recipe Package Instructions until al dente. Drain and rinse under cold water to cool.
Prepare the sauce:
In a small saucepan, combine the reserved pineapple juice, granulated sugar, all-purpose flour and beaten eggs. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until the mixture thickens and reaches a liquid consistency. Remove from heat and let cool completely.
Combine Ingredients:
In a large mixing bowl, combine cooked and cooled almonds, dried pineapple chunks, tangerines, shredded coconut, and marshmallows.
Add the sauce:
Pour the cooled pineapple juice mixture over the pasta-fruit mixture. Gently stir until everything is well coated with the dressing.
Add the frozen peas:
Add the frozen peas to the salad and stir gently until everything is well mixed. Make sure you don’t overdo it to keep the salad light and filling.
Cooling and Preparation:
Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate the frog eye salad for at least 1-2 hours or until cool and food is incorporated.
Decorate and enjoy:
Before serving, sprinkle grated coconut or marshmallows on the salad as a garnish. Serve cold and enjoy the delicious and refreshing taste of this Frog Salad!
Recipes and varieties:


Add different fruits: Feel free to choose your salad by adding your favorite fruits such as strawberries, grapes or kiwi to add freshness and color.
Nut enrichment: Chopped walnuts or chopped walnuts for extra ingredients.hazelnuts in salad.
Experiment with sauce: For a different flavor, try using vanilla pudding mix or lemon pudding instead of homemade sauce.
Keto and Low Carb Recipes:

Pasta Substitutes: Replace the pasta acini de pepe with cooked and cooled shirataki or shredded zucchini for a low-carb option.
Sugar-Free Foods: Replace refined sugar with a keto-friendly sweetener like erythritol or stevia to reduce carbs.
Use whipped cream: Instead of cold whipping cream, use homemade keto whipped cream made with whipped cream and sweetened without sugar.
In short, Frog Eye Salad is a fun and versatile dish that combines flavors and textures. Whether as a side dish at a summer barbecue or a festive gathering, this salad is sure to please. With simple ingredients and easy preparation, this eye salad is perfect for most weekends or special occasions. So gather your ingredients, grab a piece of this delicious salad, and watch it disappear before your eyes. Get ready
Get ready to dive into a bowl of delicious nostalgia with this Frog Eye Salad!

Questions (Frequently Asked Questions):

Question: Can I use different types of pasta for frog eye salad? Answer: Yes, if you don’t have acini or pepe, you can use other types of pasta such as orzo, ditalini or baby. Be sure to cook the pasta according to package directions and rinse under cold water to cool before adding to the salad.

Question: Can I make frog eye salad in advance? A: Yes, Frog Eye Salad can be prepared ahead of time and refrigerated for up to 24 hours before serving. Be sure to cover the salad tightly with plastic wrap or a lid to prevent it from drying out.


Question: Can I use fresh fruit instead of frozen fruit? A: Although canned fruit is common in frog eye salad, you can definitely use fresh fruit if you wish. Make sure you use firm, ripe fruit for best results.

Question: Is Eye Salad gluten-free? Answer: To make Frog Eye Salad gluten-free, replace the gluten-free pasta with acini de pepe and make sure all other ingredients are gluten-free.

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