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Forgotten Jewels: It’s time to reclaim old furniture. Coasters


Forgotten Jewels: It’s time to reclaim old furniture. Coasters

Drink coasters are common  in homes across the United States. They are often decorative and can reflect beautiful works of art or landscapes from places around the world. Interestingly, there was a time when antique furniture coasters were popular. Although they also protected the furniture, it’s probably not what you’d expect. Fortunately, we have access to social media platforms that allow people to share  some of the interesting antiques found hidden in old houses and their purpose.Vintage Furniture Coaster

One of the best things about having access to the internet and social media platforms is the ability to see what unique and forgotten  items people are finding in their basements and attics. Functional coasters for antique and antique furniture  offer more than just aesthetics, they are also incredibly functional and prevent damage to old furniture.

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Coasters for antique furniture  were typically made of glass and  placed under the legs of furniture to “distribute weight more evenly” and prevent scratches, as furniture can be subject to changing use. Antique furniture coasters were designed for functionality and then enhanced with decorative and intricate designs. Some feature intricately etched glass, while others feature bright colors and patterns.Unfortunately, these beautiful handcrafted pieces are becoming outdated with newer and more functional furniture designs. However, they continue to be popular with collectors today  for numerous reasons, including their beautiful design, functionality and  incredible durability. You can still find antique furniture coasters  in good condition on Ebay or in local antique stores.

Plus are celebrating a comeback in home design and combine modernity with a luxurious touch of nostalgia: handcrafted, elaborately designed  treasures from bygone times.

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Illusive History


Little is available online about the origins of antique furniture coasters.However, drink coasters were made from leather and then wood in Germany in the late 19th century. They were invented to easily pour cold drinks over the bar  without spilling anything. Since then, they have been made from various materials, including ceramic, cork oak and stone, and are also used to  prevent rings from forming on tables or counters when drinking sweaty drinks. Both drink coasters and antique furniture coasters have  similar designs and are used to protect furniture while adding a decorative touch  to  any room.

Plus, these beautiful historical objects can be reused in various fun DIY projects.For example, larger decorative step mosaics can be made from broken pieces of antique furniture coasters. Meanwhile, those with bright colors can be reused for making stained glass.

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