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Egg Drop Soup


Egg Drop Soup


Embark on a culinary journey beyond simplicity with Egg Drop Soup, a classic Chinese dish that warms the soul with every spoonful. This comforting soup combines the delicate flavors of chicken broth with the silky texture of scrambled eggs, creating a rich and satisfying experience. Whether you’re looking for comfort on a quiet day or a quick, healthy meal, Egg Soup is the answer. Join us as we delve deeper into ingredients, guide you through step-by-step recipes, share
cooking notes and variations, and highlight keto and low-carb versions. Let’s turn your kitchen into a hot spot with Egg Soup.
. or juice for garnish (optional)


Prepare the sauce: Bring the chicken stock to a gentle boil in a saucepan over medium heat.
Add flavor: Mix soy sauce, sesame oil and fresh ginger. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes to allow the flavor to infuse.
To make scrambled eggs: While the soup is cooking, slowly pour the beaten eggs into the soup. Use a fork or bottle to gently push the eggs in one direction, creating silky bands.
Preparation time: Add salt and pepper to the soup. Adjust the spices to your taste.
Garnish and serve: Sprinkle chopped green onions over soup and sprinkle with fresh coriander or chives, if desired. Make this hot egg soup and enjoy the simplicity of this dish.
Cooking Tips
Easy Whisking of Eggs: When adding scrambled eggs to soup, pour in slowly in a gentle stream and stir gently to form soft peaks. This gives a soft and even shine.
Play with spices: Try additional spices like garlic powder, rice vinegar water, or red pepper flakes to adjust the soup to your taste.
Add protein: Boost the protein content by adding cooked chicken, tofu noodles, or cooked peppers for a delicious kick.
1. Vegetable mixture:
Add new ingredients to the soup by adding finely chopped vegetables such as carrots, peas or mushrooms.



3. Wonton Wonder:
Upgrade your soup by adding homemade or store-bought wonton for a fun twist on classic flavors.

Keto Recipes
For those on the keto journey, consider these modifications:

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