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Do you recognize this vintage kitchen helper?


Do you recognize this vintage kitchen helper?





The advancement of technology has brought about many kitchen appliances and gadgets that are incredibly useful for the public. On the other hand, antique kitchen appliances are high quality and reliable. Some, like retro meat producers, may not even be recognized after many changes.


Although often associated with Italian cuisine, Rome is believed to be the place where the first meatballs were made. In addition to the famous Sweden in ancient times, there was also ancient China, Türkiye and Iran.

Some had different proportions of meat and rice or meat and flowers, while others had different ingredients. Meat can be a meal on its own or added to pasta dishes, soups, salads and sandwiches.

Meat is a simple and versatile dish. As a result, it is easy to understand why it has such an important place in world cuisines. It is difficult to determine the size and always size and install manually every time. Therefore, the meat grinder is a simple kitchen appliance that has been needed for a long time.

First of all, as said, the meat grinder is always a useful tool. It not only takes care of the cooking process but also improves the overall appearance of the dish. Secondly, kids will love using meat grinders, especially old-fashioned ones. Finally, families can change dramatically, giving them another reason to spend more time together.

Although the main function of the meat grinder is to make meatballs, it can also be used to make perfect falafel or steamed meatballs. Meanwhile, modern designs make it possible to make delicious cakes or bake cookies, for example.


Antique or vintage furniture can be found at second-hand stores and antique shops. Alternatively, you can find meat grinders online or in kitchen stores. Although the style and functionality are very different, some pieces share similarities with these timeless and popular pieces.

For example, the modern design of the

meat manager can process 32 pieces of perfectly cooked meat at the same time. Dumplings can be stored on thisstore in plastic container until ready to cook. However, as one person noted, it is “time consuming and easy to do by hand” so their children use it as play dough. . whole patties, cake pans or mouth-sized crackers.

Similar to Vintage Designs

Classic “Meat Baller” is another popular meatball maker. There is a finger that looks old or resembles a blade. In fact, it is similar to the previous version in almost every aspect. The current model has brushed stainless steel non-stick and non-slip handles and produces a perfect food ball.


Chef Cook Scoop is an extra option with its different design; Although it is not designed as a meat player, it can be used for this purpose and looks nice. It mounts like closed-end pliers and has a silicone-filled pad.
LEEFONE Meatball Ladle’s lack of straps gives it a vintage look. On the other hand, it consists of stainless steel.

A useful and versatile kitchen helper. Meat grinders are used to make delicious meatballs, which are many classic dishes. The meatballs are delicious, making them perfect for dinner parties or as a filling for a variety of dishes, such as pasta and soup. There is no doubt that chefs and diners will have a great experience with this butcher.

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