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Do you know? Better sit down before we find out your identity…


Do you know? Better sit down before we find out your identity…


Joan van Ark was born on June 16, 1943 in New York City, New York. His family had no connection with the film industry. As a teenager, Joan met actress Julie Harris while playing in Denver, and their lives were never meant to end. Julie pushed him to attend the prestigious Yale School of Drama, and he was accepted through a scholarship she set up.

This makes Joan Van Ark the second woman to enroll in the School of Drama.

He writes a letter to the director and wants to meet. “To make a long story short, my parents took me to New Haven, Connecticut, to meet the principal who offered me a scholarship,” Joan recalls. It had to happen. Joan has been acting for several years but her real passion was television.

Rising Temperature, Spider-Woman and Days of Our Lives


Joan rose to fame thanks to her roles in Rising Temperature, Spider-Woman, Days of Our Lives and an episode of Bonanza. But it was her role as Valene Ewing in Dallas in 1978 that first made her popular. She ultimately played the biggest role she’s ever played. Due to the popularity of the series, Joan appeared in the spin-off series Knots Landing. The program was actually written before Dallas. Dallas was actually chosen by the producers because it was the best way to show wealthy families at the time. Joan was then forced to take a role on Dallas instead of joining the cast of Knots Landing.

13 Knots Fall Next to Joan Van ArkIt was her husband, the famous journalist John Marshall, who persuaded Joan to accept the role while working on two projects. There was a time when Val Ewing’s mother was on TV. Surprise, surprise: Julie Harris was nominated for the position. She was the person he valued most in the whole world. “I was speechless when the producers told me they were ending the mother role,” she recalled in a 1984 interview with Florida Today. “‘Oh my God, are they going to say Phyllis Diller, Zsa Zsa Gabor, or who?’ Then they said it was Julie Harris and I couldn’t believe they cast her as my mom.

After 13 seasons and 327 episodes, Joan left right before the show’s final airing. She knew a lot of people were blaming her for leaving the show, but she was ready to announce something new. “For the thirteen years I was on that show, I loved it more than life itself,” he said. “[Knots Landing creator] David Jacobs has had a huge impact on my life, he’s taught me so much.”

“Ted [Shackelford] is a part of every soul you have on this show, and personally he’s a big part of my heart. People are my family; We have shared marriages, deaths and divorces. Walking is much harder than I thought. Joan later appeared on The Young and the Restless as Gloria Fisher.



John Marshall first met Joan while in high school, and the two were married soon after. They have a beautiful daughter named Vanessa Marshall, who works in the entertainment industry today. The couple, who is still in love with each other after 56 years of marriage, lives an extremely private life, away from the center of attention.

She is 78 years old and has a net worth of $10 million

Joan, 78, has accumulated $10 million and is still as beautiful as ever when spotted in Los Angeles. She was last seen three years ago and was seen paying parking fares at the taxi meter while wearing tracksuits and a ponytail. In his last film role, he co-starred in the 2017 television movie Psycho Wedding Crasher.


Joan Van Ark, who has worked in the film industry for the last 50 years, has joined the Actors Studio as a lifetime member. What a photo!

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