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Can you guess what these 6 objects are used for?


Can you guess what these 6 objects are used for?


Let’s play a game today! Can you guess what ancient things were used? From unique materials to unique design elements, these mysterious objects may leave you scratching your head. But don’t worry, try it and see, can you imagine what people from previous generations did with these interesting things?

Guessing game: Can you solve these mysteries?
Item #1: Coin Collection

This first item is made of alloy and has slots on the top and sides. Do you have any suggestions for daily use?

If you think you are a coin collector, you are absolutely right! Train and bus conductors reduced fares in some places and were then able to pick up coins close together from the ground. The poles on the sides allowed them to attach it to their belts. Surprisingly the latest version of this is still used in some places where payment is not required at entrance. It feels good, right?


Let’s move on to the next one!

Item #2: Swimming Hole Filled with Sand

Here is an interesting hat with a feminine design with a blue print on the heel. Want to make a careful decision? And here’s a hint: it’s full of sand!

This unique hat is actually an old swimming glove. In the 1920s, people were modeling swimsuits after the famous aviator style. However, the rubber material had difficulty passing through household waste. So they came up with a creative solution: The legs and seams were machine sewn, and the hat was filled with sand. Why sand? It works waterproof and allows swimmers to choose their design rather than being limited to black or yellow rubber. Definitely a unique way!

Let’s see if you can figure out what happens next.


Item No. 3: Chimney Damper Metal

Now look at this piece of metal that is stamped on both sides. A metal plate slides over a metal plate with a rotating tip. Any ideas?

If you think it is a flue gas valve, you are right! These metal detectors are still used today, although rarely. Antique shopping gives us the pleasure of discovering interesting things from our history. It’s like going back in time!

On to the next mystery!

Point #4: Giving Victorian StoresFeast your eyes on this metal box with a beautiful gold finish and glass front. It even has a little sliding door with pictures of some dogs. What do you think it was used for?


This beautiful box is an authentic Victorian shop delivery. It is designed to sell products in bulk and is available in different sizes. In this particular case it was labeled gunpowder but may have been used for candy, confectionery, or many other products. The glass front allows customers to see the beauty of their purchase. So why the dog hunting photo? It’s just a decorative touch since its purpose is only to store gunpowder. Chapter
is interesting, isn’t it?

Let’s move on to the next mystery!

Item #5: Cedar Butter

Check out this large wooden barrel with lid, handle and foot rest. There’s even a bowl next to it. Any idea about its purpose?

This wooden barrel is actually cedar oil. A lot of oil is made from it. On the other side it says ‘Farmmaster Dairy Ingredients’. But we didn’t want to give up so easily! Getting to know these age-old tools truly takes us back to a time when everything was simpler.


And finally one last mystery!

Topic #6: Soda Bottle

Take a moment to examine this piece of metal, which consists of three pieces of metal each cut away. It stands on three legs and is 4 meters high. Can you guess what it is used for?

This stand is designed to display not only soft drinks but also soft drink bottles. It was made specifically by Nehi for their soft drink bottles as part of their advertising. Its triangular shape and notches were perfect for holding soft-necked bottles. During the Depression these were found in corner stores and supermarkets. It was beautiful!

And there you have it! These mystical objects take us on a journey through time and remind us of the skills and abilities of previous generations. So how correctly did you think?

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