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Bruce Willis appears “happy” as he “reminisces” on the trip with his daughter despite her tough battle with dementia.


Bruce Willis appears “happy” as he “reminisces” on the trip with his daughter despite her tough battle with dementia.


Bruce Willis was diagnosed with dementia.

The actor took a step back from his Hollywood career to focus on his health.

Bruce’s wife Emma has been caring for him  since his diagnosis.

Bruce Willis is one of the  most popular action movie heroes in the world. However, he  recently retired from Hollywood because he was suffering from severe speech and language problems due to dementia.Now his youngest wife, Emma Heming Willis, and the rest of his family are doing everything they can to make sure he’s okay. Emma regularly updates her fans about Bruce via her Instagram page.


Emma shared a video of herself, her husband and  daughters at the Splash Mountain attraction at Disneyland this weekend. In the video you can see the whole family  laughing and having a great time together.

In one image, Bruce wipes his face while laughing and holding his daughter’s hand as they ride down the ride.In another, Emma shows her family sitting behind her in the famous Disneyland attraction.

fans were thrilled to see and hear that Bruce appeared to be doing well. One fan admitted that it was nice to see Bruce  so happy, and another said she was glad to see a “heartthrob” doing so well. Another addressed Bruce directly and said:

“Bruce, stay strong; “It’s nice to see you happy.”

Some fans said it was nice to see the family enjoying each other’s company and “making memories.””One fan hoped the family  had the best time and sent his love and best wishes to the family.”


Emma and Bruce have two daughters together and a romantic relationship

Bruce and Emma have  confirmed that it was love at first  for them look was. While Emma was surprised at how handsome and charming Willis really was, he admitted that he was in love with her from the moment he saw her.

The couple married in 2009 and welcomed their daughters Mabel Ray and Evelynn Penn. Bruce also has three daughters from his previous relationship with actress Demi Moore.The whole family gets along well.

They both had careers, but soon realized that they enjoyed spending time together and with their children much more than being away from home and constantly working on their various projects.

Although the couple is in love, they have had their  ups and downs. On their twelfth wedding anniversary, Emma joked:


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