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Boy takes his mother to a nursing home


Boy takes his mother to a nursing home

Do any of us think that everything we leave to the universe will eventually come back to us? We always act in a certain way without understanding how these actions can affect other people. Fortunately, life can always find a way to remind us that we can stand up for ourselves.

After the death of his father, a man realized that he could no longer take care of his mother. She decided to provide nursing care to her mother. He did not return often and never found happiness.

One day, he received a call that his mother was in poor health. He was completely emotionless. It was as if he was in the last phase of his earthly life.

Soon a child came to the nursing home. He didn’t waste any time and went to his mother’s room and asked if there was anything he could do to help her.


The mother looked into her son’s eyes before telling him that she had a request. After she realized this, she declared that she would do everything possible to fulfill his dying wish.

The mother said she often felt out of breath and needed new ones because her original respirators were not working properly. The woman added: “If you could move the fridge… I often went to bed hungry because the food was not expired.”

The boy was surprised. He saw that his mother did not know that he was dead. She then asked him why he didn’t tell her before and why he didn’t tell her. It was too late to turn back now.

“I know I’m going to die, but I’ll think of you when your children don’t want you around…” His mother turned her head and looked at him. Don’t be afraid; They will bring you here. You’ll have a great time afterwards… You’ll get rewarded for everything you put into it. Please be careful.


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