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A white mother goes viral after giving birth to a black woman, but the man is white


A white mother goes viral after giving birth to a black woman, but the man is white


The arrival of a child always brings joy, especially when you meet him in person after months of waiting. Ultrasounds give detailed information about our little ones in the womb, but nothing compares to the moment we finally hold them in our arms.

Children often surprise us with special things, from a full head of hair to a beautiful flower. But perhaps the most surprising thing is that a child resembles his parents.

This happened to a family whose story went viral, sparking curiosity and speculation online. Read on to find out what happened…


Rachel, a cashier at the Celina 52 Truck Stop in Tennessee, gave birth to her son, Cash Jamal Buckman, on February 17. But what caught people’s attention was that Rachel and her boyfriend Paul Buckman were both white, while Cash appeared to be black. In honor of Rachel’s arrival,

Truck Stop shared a photo of the happy family on Facebook.

“Congratulations to our accountant Rachel and her boyfriend Paul Buckman on the birth of their son Cash Jamal Buckman on Saturday at 18:18.” But instead of well-wishes, the post garnered comments about Cash’s father, with some saying Paul might not be his biological father.

In response to these allegations, Celina 52 Truck stops editing her text and adds: “Yes, her father is Paul. Rachel has American DNA that could skip generations and cause a child to be born with dark skin. They also said it was possible Cash had jaundice, a common disease in babies, and ended the message by saying, “Please be kind.”

Despite the statement about the truck stop, doubts and jokes continued to spread on the Internet.


One person wrote: “We are happy!!! I’m sure he looks like his father. Where is he?


Another added: “DNA testing is definitely needed; What if they accidentally mix up the child at daycare?

At the same time, some people expressed sympathy for Paul, while another user said: “I feel sorry for Paul, being impersonated like this is a whole other level. We hope he will be smart.”


Rachel then took it upon herself and decided to share his DNA results on Facebook to reveal his genealogy.

“For the haters to say he doesn’t have black DNA, maybe that will remove him from my genealogy DNA results completely!!!! NOW stop slandering me and my name is [fiancé] Paul Buckman. He is Lil Cash’s father.”But the joke continued; many people laughed at the situation and wondered whether the test results were valid.

“This is the biggest 1% I’ve ever seen… this looks like a job for Maury,” one said.

Another user with similar DNA also tweeted: “I have this too… and both my kids still look like Irish fries.”



The story immediately created a storm on social media, with thousands of people sharing their thoughts and opinions. TikTokers also joined the conversation and added their own humor to the situation.

As the rumors continue to grow, Celina 52 Truck Stop announced that it will give lie detector and DNA tests to its employees. The news added fuel to the fire and many people eagerly awaited the outcome of the investigation.

Although the truth is not yet known, one thing is for sure: This unexpected change excited many people and caused an unofficial announcement to go viral!

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