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A heartwarming family portrait that captures six generations of special women,


A heartwarming family portrait that captures six generations of special women,


each with a precious maternal bond. At the center of it all is MaeDell Hawkins, a 98-year-old grandmother who has embraced countless children in her loving arms throughout her life.

Last month, MaeDell was lovingly photographed, and in December little Zhavia was added to the family. MaeDell’s granddaughter, Gracie Howell, 58, is delighted to see all the women, from a little child to a special great-grandmother, come together in this gorgeous photo.

A testament to the unwavering power of motherhood, the photograph shows the unbroken chain of women who give their love, wisdom and life to each new generation. Gracie fondly remembers her grandmother, who will have celebrated her 99th birthday in July, as someone who was always sharp-witted and willing to offer expert child care advice.

Even though they now live in a nursing home, the relationship between MaeDell and Zhavia is still strong. When the little baby became restless during a recent visit, MaeDell deftly pulled him from his mother’s arms and stroked his feet. Gracie fondly cherishes the memories of her grandmother and the good times they shared.


What started as a simple act of sharing a photo of MaeDell and Zhavia with the meteorologist turned into an unexpected topic. Gracie was stunned by the surprising reaction that followed. MaeDell deserves this new recognition, reminding us that age is just a number and should never determine one’s worth.

MaeDell is the living symbol of perseverance, joy and wisdom. He never let life’s problems get him down. When she was 16, she married her first husband, who was in his 50s and often worked away from home as a railway engineer. They had thirteen children together and raised ten children from previous marriages. Life at MaeDell was far from simple, with no modern conveniences like washing machines, dishwashers or running water. Gracie vividly remembers her grandmother’s experience of not having running water in her youth. Despite this, MaeDell was always strong and quiet, without complaining about her situation. Despite the difficulties she went through, she ensured that her family had enough food and clean clothes. His unwavering determination and determination inspire those around him and teach us that happiness can be found even in the most difficult circumstances.

As the family grew over time, MaeDell proudly said: “We have a large and loving family.” Although she outlived many of her husbands and many of her children, MaeDell’s journey was a meaningful one, filled with countless moments of love and compassion.

Gracie expresses her admiration for her grandmother by saying, “I adore her.” MaeDell’s life story is a testament to the power of love and strength that resides within each of us, regardless of age.



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