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70% don’t know what it is. Continue to disprove my beliefs (if possible)


70% don’t know what it is. Continue to disprove my beliefs (if possible)


Mechanism of Action and Function

Burr grinder grinds sharp food between two rotating bodies. The operator adjusts the distance between these parts to determine the uniformity of the ground material; This is facilitated by a rotating pipe that pushes the feed through the mill.

Smaller operation and less heat.


Burr mills offer better productivity and less heat than steel mills. While it is important to preserve flavor and aroma in the preparation of coffee, maintaining a constant amount of nutrients is also important for proper extraction of coffee. . For coffee lovers, burr grinders offer a versatile option suitable for a variety of brewing methods, from Turkish coffee and espresso to French press and pour-over.

Actively preserves taste and aroma

The burr grinder preserves the oil and aroma of the beans by significantly reducing friction during grinding. This careful care is important because excessive heat during grinding can cause loss of flavor.

Electric Shavers and How to Use them

Electric shavers come in a variety of styles with step shifting or step sharpening. Some models have a doser to determine the amount of coffee, while others operate in a non-dosing mode, offering great options like adjusting by weight or espresso grind setting.


Manual and Electric Grinders: The Practical Choice

While electric grinders are popular for their speed and convenience, manual grinders remain popular for their versatility and convenience. They grind the best coffee powder with a passion for preparing Turkish coffee.

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